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Murder Mystery Training Events: Team Building, Communications, Goal Setting. Combine learning and excitement!The ability to communicate is essential to success. This program improves skills by stressing practical methods for composing and delivering correct messages in the best possible ways. Topics include:

Effective Speaking Skills
The spoken word is the most immediate and important tool for delivering a message. Learn techniques for organizing, preparing, and delivering the spoken word in a way that achieves the greatest possible impact.

Content Organization
Translating thoughts into the spoken or written word requires that content be organized in the correct sequence with logical support. Learn a functional method for developing content and expressing it succinctly.

Letter and Memo Writing
With a smooth, crisp writing style, an individual can ensure that the written word is read and understood. Learn disciplines for composing letters and memos, making them concise and readable.

Persuasive Proposal Formats
The persuasive sequencing of content helps sell an idea or product. Learn how to design and frame proposals, using dynamic visuals to emphasize information.

Active Listening Techniques
Listening, the communications skill that is used most often is the one that is taught the least. Information is gathered and interpreted most effectively when good listening skills are practiced. Learn to identify and control the communications by developing the habits of an active listener.

Non-Verbal Communications
Non-verbal communications can reveal a great deal about another person. Learn the meaning of certain gestures and actions.

Questioning Skills
In order to secure the right data to deliver the proper message, good questioning skills must be developed. Learn questioning techniques that will obtain the most information with the least amount of effort.

Telephone Communications
The telephone provides a unique opportunity to utilize sound communication skills. Learn when and how to use the telephone to maximize your personal impact.

Conducting Meetings
By organizing and conducting successful meetings, ideas can be discussed in an effective open forum. Learn when a meeting should be called and how the meeting should be organized to ensure results.

Sales and Marketing Focus
Good sales and marketing skills are part of persuasive communications. Learn to develop cohesive messages that achieve results in a competitive marketplace.

Action Plan
Any program is only as good as the results it produces. Learn to develop personal action plans that will be used to chart individual activities and results.

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