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Jack Pachuta

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Is Everyone Rowing in the Same Direction?
Team Building and Interpersonal Skills

Practical concepts from Jack Pachuta

Murder Mystery Training Events: Team Building, Communications, Goal Setting. Combine learning and excitement!Thoroughly examining the skills and techniques that foster teamwork and effective group dynamics, this program supplies strategies for building cohesive teams. Topics include:

Personal Development Factors
An individual is influenced by both heredity and environment. Nurture vs. nature is viewed from a new perspective. Learn how to analyze your own beliefs and values based upon your unique situation.

Personality Styles
Within individual differences are predictable patterns of behavior based upon a specific personality style. Using practical examples, these styles are compared and contrasted. Learn how to reach a greater understanding of interpersonal skills and personal motivation.

Team Development Phases
All teams advance through various phases leading to a can-do spirit. Each phase is essential to achieving team vibrancy and maturity. Learn how to evaluate your team's status and prospects for success.

Team Interaction
Individuals play roles with a team based upon their personality styles. A person's internal motivation determines both actions and attitudes during group encounters. Learn how to react to the mindsets of others.

Teamwork Concepts
Teams that accomplish specific goals take into account the strengths of their members. Learn how to "commission" successful work teams.

How Teams Communicate
The way in which a message is composed and transmitted from team leader to team member determines its impact. Learn how to send the correct message in the best possible format to ensure a buy-in from team members resulting in appropriate action.

Team Leadership
The leader of a team is not necessarily the person who has been given the title of "team leader." Leaders emerge based on their own merits. Learn how to identify and work with those who most influence the team.

Goal Setting Procedures
Planning requires direction. Simple, achievable, measurable goals must be set for a team to be successful. Learn how to set goals that become useful guideposts for progress and results.

Problem-Solving Techniques
When roadblocks appear, teams must be able to solve problems and remain on-target and functional. Learn how to utilize an eight-step process that will direct team members toward finding practical solutions to their operational problems.

Personal Action Plan
Any program is only as good as the results it produces. Learn to develop personal action plans which will be used to chart individual actions and results.

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